• Panoramic view of city gate (The Puerta de Bisagra) - Toledo, Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    The amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo is one of Spain’s most popular destinations. With b...
  • Panoramic aerial view of The Alcázar of Segovia - Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Segovia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain, renowned across the world for its amazing Roman aq...
  • Statues at Candi Prambanan Hindu Temple - Java, Indonesia
    Asia » South East Asia » Indonesia
    With 130m inhabitants, Java is the most densely populated island in the world, and the fifth-largest...
  • Panoramic View of Gili Meno Beach - Indonesia
    Gili Meno
    Asia » South East Asia » Indonesia
    Gili Meno is one of the three Gili Islands in Indonesia. The beautiful, sparsely populated island is...
  • Aerial View of Sil Canyon - Galicia, Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Galicia is an autonomous community in Spain, and was one of the most important places in Europe betw...
  • San Rafael Statue on The Roman Bridge - Cordoba, Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Cordoba was a major Roman city and an important Islamic hub during the Middle Ages – which means tha...
  • Cadiz Cathedral - Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Cadiz is said to be Europe’s oldest inhabited city, with roots going back to at least 1,100 BC. Nowa...
  • Traditional Old Town Houses - Odense, Denmark
    Europe » Scandinavia » Denmark
    Odense was the home of the famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen. It’s the third-largest cit...
  • The Aros Aarhus Museum - Denmark
    Europe » Scandinavia » Denmark
    Aarhus (often referred to as Arhus) is Denmark’s second-largest city, after the capital, Copenhagen....
  • Fountains in Aalborg - Denmark
    Europe » Scandinavia » Denmark
    Aalborg is the most northern Danish city, and is the fourth largest in the country. Today it’s an im...
  • Panoramic view of Nyhavn at Night - Copenhagen, Denmark
    Europe » Scandinavia » Denmark
    Copenhagen is a rare thing: a sprawling city with millions of inhabitants, that still feels cosy, in...
  • Front view of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral - Spain
    Santiago de Compostela
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Galicia region in Spain, and an incredibly important pl...
  • Panoramic view of Malaga's bullring and port - Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Malaga is the largest city in the Spanish region of Andalucia, and one of the most popular destinati...
  • Panoramic view of Tormes river with Salamanca Cathedral - Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    This former European Capital of Culture and UNESCO World Heritage City is one of the most beautiful ...
  • View of The Court of the Lions - Granada, Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    The city of Granada boasts a rich multicultural history, a vibrant nightlife and access to the amazi...
  • The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa - Reykjavik, Iceland
    Europe » Scandinavia » Iceland
    It’s the capital of the country, with around 100,000 inhabitants (around a third of all those who li...