• Panoramic view of Tanah Lot and its rocky formations - Bali, Indonesia
    Tanah Lot
    Asia » South East Asia » Indonesia
    Tanah Lot is an ancient temple in the south of Bali, Indonesia. The spectacular building, situated o...
  • Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain
    Europe » Western Europe » Spain
    Spain’s ‘second city’ is one of Europe’s most popular destinations – and for good reason. Situated o...
  • Aerial Cityscape View - Newcastle, England
    Europe » Western Europe » United Kingdom » England
    It’s the biggest city in the region, and the eighth most densely populated city in all of the UK. A ...
  • Panoramic view of Salford Quays at sunset - Manchester, England
    Europe » Western Europe » United Kingdom » England
    The northern city is known as England’s ‘second city’, and with a reputation for being a haven of sp...
  • Panoramic aerial view of King's College Chapel - Cambridge, England
    Europe » Western Europe » United Kingdom » England
    The university city of Cambridge is renowned the world over for its prestigious colleges – but there...
  • Panoramic view of Clifton suspension bridge and air balloon festival in the background - Bristol, England
    Europe » Western Europe » United Kingdom » England
    Aside from London, Bristol is the biggest city in the south of England, and it’s the UK’s eighth mos...
  • Basilica Palladiana in Piazza dei Signori at night - Vicenza, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    The city of Vicenza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its amazing architecture – and there’s...
  • Panoramic aerial view of Verona, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    The beautiful city of Verona is one of Italy’s premier destinations, with a multitude for visitors t...
  • Panoramic Aerial View of Turin with Alps in the Background - Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    Turin is thought of Italy’s own answer to Paris. The tree-lined streets, the café lifestyle and the ...
  • The Ruins of Taormina Theater at Sunset - Syracuse, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    The historic city of Syracuse, on Sicily, has a vibrant and intriguing past – and it’s growing as a ...
  • Aerial view of Piazza del Campo at a sunny day - Siena, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    The gorgeous city of Siena has gained a reputation for being one of Italy’s most beautiful destinati...
  • Sunny day Craco, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    Craco is Italy’s most famous ‘ghost town’. Situated in the Province of Matera, the town was original...
  • Sunny aerial view of Forums and Colosseum - Rome, Italy
    Europe » Mediterranean » Italy
    Known as The Eternal City, Rome is the capital of Italy and the largest city in the country. It was ...
  • Wat Prajomklao Rachanusorn, an astonishing Thai Temple - Lampang, Thailand
    Asia » South East Asia » Thailand
    Situated around 600km north of Bangkok and 200km south of Chiang Mai, Lampang is an ancient city wit...
  • Panoramic Aerial Night View of Plaza de Armas - Arequipa, Peru
    Americas » South America » Peru
    Though perhaps not as famous as Machu Picchu or as cosmopolitan as Lima, Arequipa certainly holds it...
  • Panoramic View of Plaza de Armas in Cuzco, Peru
    Americas » South America » Peru
    The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most-visited cities in South America, thanks...